10 Foundations That Look Like My Skin But Better


I have a complicated relationship with foundation—a tugging back-and-forth, love-hate kind of thing. That’s because, on one hand, I love the way it can disguise my rosacea, even out my skin tone, and give my complexion a certain luminosity. On the other hand, I hate the way it can feel tacky, look powdery, and exacerbate my pores and fine lines. It’s for these reasons that I often remove a fresh coat of foundation halfway through the day. If I decide it looks too apparent or focus falls on the makeup rather than my skin, I wipe it away. The only way it stays is if it looks almost undetectable and gives a my-skin-but-better effect.

That’s why, as you can imagine, I’m absolutely loving the rise of “skin finish” face makeup. The products that fall into this category do all the things they’re supposed to do, without screaming “foundation.” They provide a flexible, natural-looking finish, and they’re perfect for daily wear. Keep scrolling to see 10 skin finish foundations that meet my strict and unbendable standards. 


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