11 Trends We’ve Been Wearing For at Least 2 Years


The fashion trend cycle moves at a rapid pace, but buying into every single new trend every season is pretty impossible. Don’t get me wrong—I love trying new ones, but as a supplement to my existing wardrobe of basics and long-lasting trends.

Speaking of long-lasting trends, I always try to predict the ones that will stick around when choosing what to buy. Not all trends peak in one season, and it’s wise of brands to keep certain trends going in their collections. I know that when I see a brand really invest in a trend, I’m more likely to invest in it.

In the case of these eleven trends, I certainly lucked out with the longevity component. I checked my camera roll and I’ve been wearing all of them for at least two years and plan on continuing to do so. Scroll to shop them for yourself and to check my receipts via photographic proof.


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