12 Chic Date-Night Outfits With Jeans


If you were to name one of the key items in your wardrobe, there’s a strong chance your favorite jeans would come to mind first. Same here. Well, that makes perfect sense given their versatile and always-stylish nature. While you may have a few go-to looks you like to wear with your tried-and-true denim, I thought I’d round up a few fresh ideas for a bit of spring outfit inspiration. Specifically, I thought I’d showcase date-night outfits you can wear with jeans.

Below you’ll uncover a range of ensembles that could work for a variety of different dates or just any night out, in general. On the dressier front, there is a range of looks featuring trend-forward tops and sandals. Interested in something more casual? There’s a plethora of forward yet laid-back silhouettes as well. Keep scrolling for more, including jeans to shop and product recommendations for one of the key pieces in each look. 


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