15 Colorful Eye Shadow Palettes for Your Next Night Out


Sometimes, you just get sick of your usual makeup routine and want to switch things up. For me, it happens when the season changes and suddenly gives me the urge to overhaul my makeup bag. I may be a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, but when it comes to nights out, I really want to turn things up a notch, and that’s when I start to realize I don’t like any of my makeup options at hand.

One of the easiest ways to change up your look? A colorful eye shadow palette. It’s not a permanent change like dyeing your hair, but it still makes an impact. And if you don’t love it, then there’s always makeup remover. Plus, it can be fun to experiment with different shades and pairings—the possibilities are endless!

Take a look at some highly rated colorful eye shadow palettes below if you’re feeling the urge to change things up.


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