15 Eyeliner Ideas to Try and the Best Products to Use


If there is one makeup product that I love above all, it’s eyeliner. I have been experimenting with eyeliner since I was in high school, and I love a bold liner look, whether it’s a sharp cat eye, a double wing, or a negative-space look. I think eyeliner is one of the best ways to get creative and have fun with your makeup. 

I’m always trying out different eyeliner looks, but since I’ve been on a Euphoria kick, I’ve been having so much fun with my eyeliner. This spring is all about bold, fun eyeliner looks that feel fresh and different. If you’ve been wanting to try a graphic eye, this is your sign to do it.

To help you get started on your liner journey, I decided to create a bunch of different eyeliner looks for you to copy. I’m living proof that you can execute a bold eyeliner look at home—and I included the best products to get you there. Keep reading for my favorite recent eyeliner looks and the products that I use to make them happen.


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