16 Cute and Affordable Fine Jewelry Pieces


I always start and end my days reading my co-workers’ stories, and I trust their fashion opinions more than anyone else’s on the internet. (Can you tell I’m a huge fan?) So when they recommend a product or when I repeatedly see a brand pop up on the WWW site, I take it very seriously. All it takes is a scroll, a product image, and a witty caption to send me to a retailer’s website without hesitation. And as you can imagine, this happens quite often, so naturally, my latest discovery is the earrings at Baublebar. I have my eyes on the Lilia Earring Set, which includes three pairs of stud earrings and is crafted from 18k gold-plated sterling silver. What’s not to love? These gems are editor approved, on-trend, and affordable. I couldn’t help myself, so I perused the rest of the fine jewelry collection and listed my top contenders below. Keep scrolling, and prepare to see stackable and easy-to-style pieces that will remain in your collection for a lifetime.


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