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We’re only three months into 2022, and it’s already time for me to clean out my beauty cabinet for the second time. In my defense, there’s been an influx of new products on the market (and in my heart), so all of my older products have been left half used, dried up, or still unused in their original packaging. This is your friendly reminder that most beauty products expire and that cabinet clean-outs should happen frequently. While I’ve been freeing up some space, I’ve also been doing what any other beauty editor would do: eyeing new products. This time around, all of the items I’m adding to my cart are from my go-to spot, Dermstore, which has a wide selection of carefully selected, professional-strength formulas from top skincare brands. And I, for one, never need much convincing, so I covered all of the bases and shopped for cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. If you’re looking for a sign to give your routine a refresh with top-tier, effective products, this is it.


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