16 Timeless Wardrobe Staples a Fashion Editor Is Eyeing RN


One of my toxic shopping traits is buying into every trend. I’ll admit it: I get pretty trigger-happy with the “order” button because I always want to be an early adopter of the latest new silhouettes and while I do love a good trend, the downside is that too many trendy purchases have translated to a closet filled with more of-the-moment items than timeless ones. Simply put: I’m over cycling through trend pieces each season. Now, I’m focused on building a long-lasting wardrobe of pieces I want to wear now and years from now. 

Call me biased, but the newest staples from our Who What Wear Collection are hitting all my shopping criteria for their high-end quality and timeless cuts and colors. To give you an idea of what I consider to be an anti-trend piece, I’m highlighting 16 such items below. They’re getting me excited to add to cart but also happen to be smart buys that I think will ladder up to a forever wardrobe.


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