20 Iconic Beauty Staples From Nordstrom


I grew up buying all of my beauty products from beauty counters. When I was old enough to start wearing makeup, my mom took me to the Clinique counter at the mall, and that’s how I bought makeup and skincare for most of my teenage years. Now that I’m a beauty editor, one thing remains consistent: If I want to buy beauty products, I go to Nordstrom. Not only does it have an amazing selection, but I can trust that its products are high-quality and worth the money.

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for three years now, and before that, I was an avid beauty lover. I decided to round up my absolute favorite ride-or-die products that you can find at Nordstrom. Whether you want makeup, skincare, bodycare, fragrance, or haircare, I chose four products from each category that I couldn’t live without. (And trust me—narrowing it down to just four products for each category was hard!) Keep reading to find my top picks and why I love them so much.


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