20 Products a Beauty Editor Can’t Live Without


Fast-forward about eight years, and my YouTube obsession was still going strong. I was in college, feeling like I finally had a reason to wear makeup more regularly and starting to see some changes in the product offerings for women of color. You’re probably imagining a full face of foundation, bronzer, blush, and eye shadow, but a full face for me meant mascara, lip gloss, and concealer (on a good day). And then, in 2020, the pandemic hit. Since I was unable to leave the house safely, my screen time and online shopping jumped to an all-time high. So I did what most of us did during quarantine: I developed a hobby. I didn’t make banana bread, learn TikTok dances, or drink whipped coffee. I sat in front of my bathroom mirror and re-created YouTube makeup tutorials (pretty effortlessly, might I add).

Now, “beauty” is the second word in my job title, and I get to test products and create fun and exciting looks for a living. Despite all of the brands and items that I’m exposed to daily, I’m pretty loyal to the products I love, and it takes an amazing product to make me deviate from my eight-step makeup routine. My love for beauty has no bounds, but the space in my bathroom definitely does. So when it comes to haircare and skincare, I keep my routines simple and effective, adding top-tier products to the mix only when they’ve been proven to be absolute must-haves. Want a peek inside my easy and minimalistic routine? Just keep scrolling.



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