29 Luxury Shopping Items Our Editor Needs to Share


Did I mention that I keep a close eye on the luxury market? Because I do. And there is so much newness to discuss that I’m currently staring at that deserves your attention. My column, The Luxury List, covers all things designer fashion—from It shoes to investment-worthy watches to the jewelry items that have reached cult status among the fashion set. This time around, though, I need to discuss all of the new pieces on the market that feel worthy of a splurge.

Whether you’re buying a piece as a gift or ordering a much-deserved item for yourself, there are so many stunning designer pieces worth buying, and many of them may be sitting in my cart as we speak. Including the sunglasses that are already going viral on Instagramthe shoes that are selling out faster than anyone can buy them, and the rising brands every fashion person is obsessed with, there are some noteworthy items I just need to share.


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