“3 Stooges Working With Foreign Powers”: Imran Khan Alleges Conspiracy


'3 Stooges Working With Foreign Powers': Imran Khan Alleges Conspiracy

I’m from the first generation of country to be born after independence: Imran Khan

New Delhi:

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, about to lose his post after losing majority in the assembly, spoke at length of the possibilities for the country, questioning why they have to “crawl like ants”.

“I want the youth to listen to me carefully. When Allah has given you wings, why are acting like acts on grounds. God has given us the level of angel,” he said in an address to the nation.

“We worship fear. We worship money. We humans act like ants. I’ve seen the ups and downs of Pakistan. When I was in school, good examples of Pakistan were given to countries. South Korea also has come to Pakistan. But I’ve also seen it come down,” he added.

“I chose to enter politics to realise the vision of our founders,” added Mr Khan, who has virtually lost majority in the 342-member National Assembly after defection of two key allies.

His address today comes amid backdoor efforts to reach a deal between the premier and the joint opposition to dissolve the lower house.

Here are the Highlights:

  1. Pakistan has reached a “defining moment” in its history.
  2. I’m fortunate that God gave me everything-fame, wealth, everything. I don’t need anything today, he gave me everything for which I am very thankful. Pakistan is only 5 years older than me, I’m from the first generation of country to be born after independence.
  3. As a child, I remember Pakistan rising to the top. South Korea had come to Pakistan to learn how did we progress, Malaysian princes used to study with me in school. Middle East used to come to our universities. I’ve seen all this sinking, seen my country getting insulted.
  4. I had a lot of friends in India and the US. I don’t have any ill wills against any one. I just condemn their policies.
  5. We were told if we don’t back US, they will turn on us like a wounded bear. During 9/11, we said that if there’s a terror incident in the US, we should help them but that wasn’t our war to fight.
  6. People said that we are US’s collaborators. So many Pakistanis sacrificed their lives, did anyone thank us for that? Did anyone say Shukriya, Pakistan? So many people died in drone attacks, 80 people died after attack in a madrasa.
  7. After becoming the Prime Minister, I decided that our policy won’t be against anyone. Our only contention with India is when the broke international law in Kashmir.
  8. We are getting messages from some foreign countries. This is against our people. They say that they will forgive Pakistan if Imran Khan goes. But it says, if they fail to oust me, Pakistan will have to face difficult circumstances. It says if Imran Khan remains the PM, Pakistan’s ties will them sour and the nation will have to face difficulties.


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