31 Dresses We’re Wearing in Our 30s


“That’s not for me—it’s for a younger woman” is something I grew up hearing my mom say about certain styles and new trends. In fact, she still says this to this day. I always take the time to remind her that she shouldn’t let her age stop her from wearing what piques her interest. Since I was younger, I have been a huge proponent of the idea that people should wear whatever feels right to them, no matter what age a style might be geared toward. As I inch closer to 40, I still hold firm to this belief.

To be honest, I was never a dress girl until I hit my 30s. I even got married in a jumpsuit. This season happens to be one of the times I have been most excited about dresses. From cool cutouts to voluminous silhouettes to ’90s throwback styles, I am having an extremely hard time narrowing down my favorites to a select few.

Ahead, check out 31 cool dresses I can’t get enough of for spring and beyond.


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