32 Finds I Told My 58-Year-Old Mom to Buy From Nordstrom


Unlike me, who hasn’t quite figured out how to stop shopping, my mom hardly ever treats herself. Ever since she moved from L.A. to a small beach town in Michigan a few years back, the temptation that comes with living near countless shopping destinations is gone, and she rarely shops online. So when she texted me the other day with plans to go into Chicago for the weekend and asked me for ideas of what to get at Nordstrom (where I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Nordstrom is the mecca for just about everything), I was noticeably shocked. Well, shocked and excited. Because the only thing I love more than treating myself is convincing others to do the same.

Naturally, I dropped everything and started researching. We basically had an informational interview, during which she walked me through the missing pieces in her wardrobe; the jeans, dress, and shoe styles that she gears toward most; and the brands that she’s been loyal to for years. Then, I got to work. 

One too many hours later—I have a tendency to get carried away—the shopping list below was born and subsequently given an excited checkmark from my mom. She saved her version to her phone so she could reference it at Nordstrom. I turned mine into this story. Below, find a comprehensive list of all the pieces on my 58-year-old mom’s Nordstrom shopping list. If I had to guess, they’ll be on yours, too.


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