4 Designer It Bags From the ’90s and ’00s That Are Back


What’s old is new again. We don’t have to tell you twice that the leading aesthetics of the past several years have all leaned heavily upon the nostalgia factor of the late ’90s and more recently, early ’00s. Simply open up any social media feed to see just how widespread the resurgence really is. Not only has this wave brought back trends like baggy denim and platform shoes, but it’s also resurfaced a slew of designer It bags that celebs and fashion people were carrying during the era: the Fendi Baguette BagPrada Nylon Bag, and Balenciaga City Bag, just to name a few.

Since being ahead of the curve is just what we do, we’re also reaching back into the archives to pull out a few more It bags from the era that were popular then but haven’t quite made the same comeback—at least not yet. If you like to be an early adopter, then I suggest you get a head start on shopping these oft forgotten-about carryalls now before the hype (and prices) inevitably take off. You’ll certainly be the first to do so.

Ahead, discover the four nostalgic designer It bags that have made a comeback from the ’90s and ’00s—and the ones that haven’t yet (but should).


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