4 Patila Set Option To Store Milk


The very word patila reminds us of an open round-bottomed vessel. However, we know this utensil by many other names – tope, tapeli, bhagona, etc. The patila is quite an important part of the kitchen! This underrated utensil is often an integral part of our daily cooking, but it is often overshadowed by other utensils. It is used to store and cook various daily staples, like milk, tea, rice and curries! If you are running short of patilas to home, then it is time to add some new good quality patilas to your utensil set. Here, we have shortlisted four sets of patila that shall make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

4 Patila Set Options To Choose From:

1.Sumeet Tope/patila/cookware With Lids

Sumeet’s tope/patila set includes four patilas, each in a different size, to accommodate all your cooking needs. The patila set is made of stainless steel and each comes along with a lid. This set is dishwasher safe.

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2.Vinod Stainless Steel Capsule Bottom Tope / Patila

Vinod’s patila set comes with three different patilas. One patila can hold 2.7 litres, the other can hold 3.4 litres and the third can hold 4 litres. The patilas are made from stainless steel and each patila comes with a capsule bottom.

2% off

3.SIMPARTE Patila Set

Simparte’s set of patila comes in various sizes and can be used for cooking different dishes. This is ideal for kitchen use as it is energy efficient. You can use it to store milk, tea, vegetable curries and more.

4.Shopeum Patila Set

Shopeum’s patila set comes with five pieces of different sizes, each with its own lid. The patilas are made from stainless steel but it also has a copper bottom, this utensil set is highly durable, long-lasting and rust-free.

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