40 Fashion and Home Buys From H&M I’m Buying Immediately


While I usually hunt H&M’s new arrivals for clothing choices, I’ve been eyeing the brand’s home selection more often as of late. I have to say that both departments are impressing me. Not only has the retailer released a trove of luxe basics, but it also offers great minimal yet elevated home accessories that you would think are much more expensive than they are. I’ve always dreamed of shopping for my apartment, but I think I forgot about the part where homewares are quite expensive. H&M has clearly come to the rescue for elevating my home as well as my closet.

As I perused through the H&M site for quite some time (a little longer than you’d think), I thought I shouldn’t keep my finds to myself and that I should share them with the world. I found myself in the pages of clothing and accessories, so there are plenty of products to go around in this mix. And remember, H&M is notorious for products on its site selling out quickly, so act fast. I know I already have quite a few from this list in my cart as I speak.


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