5 Classic Wardrobe Staples We’re Living in This Spring


As much as I swim in the experimental end of the style pool, I also have a sweet spot for the classics. Accumulating basics isn’t the most exciting part of building out a wardrobe, but it’s definitely necessary. A closet full of only quirky pieces won’t carry you season after season or take the fuss out of getting dressed daily like staples do, and even as you age and your style changes, you’ll find that the clothes with the most longevity are those without all the bells and whistles. All of these reasons are why I actively collect streamlined staples, regardless of my current trendy obsessions.

But as it stands, I’ve been reaching for the classics more than anything else these days. Particularly, oversize blazers and white ribbed tanks have been carrying me through as the finicky L.A. weather switches between extreme hot and extreme cold. Since I’ve been in the mood for pared-down separates, I find that creating outfits is also so much easier. Ahead, I’ve mapped out the five anti-trend pieces that have outshined everything else I own right now. You may want to consider adopting these into your wardrobe too.


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