5 Flat Shoe Trends That Are Destined For Fame


Here’s the thing: Man cannot live on platforms alone. I feel the need to state this because platform shoes have really dominated the conversation this year. They’re pretty amazing, but how often can one really wear a pair of towering platforms? Personally speaking, not much. During a typical week, I wear shoes that aren’t flats twice at the most, so I’m always more interested in flat shoe trends and the practicality that comes along with them.

With warm weather approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about which new flats I’ll be investing in, and I’ve made up my mind that five, in particular, are at the top of my list. I’ve seen these trends on the runways, among the new arrivals of many retailers, and while scrolling through Instagram. You’d be wise to order any one of these, as they’re going to be around for awhile.

Scroll to shop my favorite pairs of the flat shoe trends that are about to take off (if they haven’t already)


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