5 Poached Egg Recipes To Put Together For Breakfast In Just 10 Mins


We all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and why won’t it be? Breakfast not only breaks the fast of 7-8 hours after last night’s dinner but also refills us with energy to keep going throughout the day. But because of the time-pressed mornings, we often tend to ignore breakfast and binge on other fattening foods before lunch which results in many health-related problems. While we understand preparing a full-fledged breakfast meal in the morning is a time-consuming and cumbersome process, there are many fulfilling recipes that you can make without spending too much time in preparing it. And this is exactly where poached eggs come in handy!

Brimming with protein and other essential nutrients, poached egg is a recipe that is not only healthy but also very delicious. Making it at home is quite a cakewalk too! And the best part is that you can experiment as much as you want while preparing poached eggs. From adding spices to seasonings, veggies and more, there are so many ingredients you can add while making this versatile recipe. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the recipes list.

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Here’s A List Of 5 Poached Eggs Recipes You Must Try.

Our Recommendations

1. Desi-Style Masala Poached Egg

Let’s start the list with our favourite one. A ‘desi’ twist in ‘videshi’ recipe takes the taste game up a notch. This desi style of poached eggs is what you would generally find on the streets. It is soft, flavourful, gooey from the inside and crunchy on the outside. Click here for the complete recipe.

2. Cheesy Poached Eggs

Give your regular breakfast of poached egg a crunchy and a cheesy makeover with this poached egg recipe cooked with a mix of crushed walnuts, coriander leaves and lemon juice. Click here for the recipe.


3. Classic Poached Egg Recipe

Here’s the simple and classic recipe of preparing poached eggs. This recipe comes to your rescue when you do not have much time to devote and yet wish to make something delicious and filling. Pair it up with a glass of juice and there you get your meal right in front of you. Find the recipe here.

Other Recipes You Must Try:

4. Turkish Eggs

This recipe is made with poached eggs sitting atop a bed of homemade Greek yogurt mixture, garnished with warm and melted spiced butter. It is extremely delicious, filling and indulging to the core. Try it out! Click here for the recipe.

5. Microwaved Poached Eggs

Here we have a classic poached egg recipe for breakfast that can be ready in just a few minutes without you using the stove, making it the ideal breakfast for lazy mornings. Click here to learn the steps.

So, now is the time to make your breakfast interesting with these poached eggs recipes. These recipes might look exotic and complex but are so unbelievably easy to make. Try them out!


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