5 Shoe Trends a Fashion Director From Nordstrom Would Toss


As the resident shoe fanatic at Who What Wear, my love for footwear runs deep. So deep that my closets have had enough of me and I’ve resorted to stuffing strappy sandals in every nook and cranny that my apartment has. They are definitely cute, but they’re also not the easiest item to store, and there comes a time when saying goodbye to even your once favorite pairs become inevitable. While I prepare for a spring cleaning of my footwear collection, I knew I had to replace the pairs that I’m planning on donating and selling with something special.

Tapping expert Elizabeth Kanfer, who has been a Nordstrom Fashion Director in the shoe arena for many years, was obviously the next step that I needed to take in my shoe closet cleanout. She’s spent the last year analyzing data and exploring the entirety of the shoe market to find out what’s staying and going in our closets for this spring. I have to say that with my own knowledge I most certainly agree with her picks. Your shoe collection is guaranteed to have a good spring and summer if you let this story guide your shopping decisions. Below, find five shoes that are ready to be added to the donation pile and their updated replacements. 


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