5 Simple Date-Night Outfits That Require Just 2 to 3 Pieces


There is something about the weather getting warmer that makes everyone want to couple up, go on first dates, and enjoy the warm weather with a new romantic interest. As my friend group’s go-to outfit consultant you can imagine, my group chat is blowing up with questions about what to wear on springtime dates. When it comes to a great date-night look, the best way to go is comfortable and stylish. 

Depending on your romantic outing, there are tons of great outfit options. From tailored jeans and a chic blouse for a daytime picnic date to a minidress and blazer for drinks and dinner, I’ve figured out five go-to outfit combinations that are guaranteed to check all three boxes of flattering, comfortable, and stylish.

Keep scrolling to see the date-night looks I’ll be wearing this spring.


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