6 Eyewear Brands Every Cool Girl Already Knows About


No accessory can do the things that sunglasses do for us. Long ago during a visit to my optometrist, the doctor mentioned that wearing sunglasses more often would be really great for my eyes. Say less. That’s really when my hoarding of eyewear began, as I had an excuse to wear them even on a cloudy day. These past few weeks, my sunglasses are on the second I walk out the door even though I live in an apartment building. I may look silly wearing them indoors, but feeling confident and chic is a priority over what others might think. The obsession is real. 

Cool girls are with me on this one. Not one of them goes a day without a pair of sunglasses in tow. I’ve been paying close attention to the brands that my favorite fashion insiders are wearing and have noticed a few particular ones have staked their claim on these It girls. You can’t go wrong with buying a pair of sunglasses from these eyewear brands, so shop along with me below. 


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