6 Items I’m Over and 6 I’m Adding to My Closet in 2022


After listening to Summer Walker’s new album top to bottom, I realized much of her sentiments applied to how I’m currently feeling about my closet. Gone are the days of investing in things that do not reciprocate my same energy back (and become unwearable after only a few washes). After such a transformational year, I really just want to throw everything away and start from scratch. This time around, I’ll be investing in pieces that aren’t just right now but that will loyally stick by my side for a lifetime. 

The vibe going into 2022 is keeping the outfits more simple and classic and amping up my accessories game to give my outfits that extra oomph. Among the items on my wishlist include everything from menswear-inspired tailored pants that everyone is wearing lately and leather trench coats that feel very appropriate given the upcoming reboot of The Matrix. Keep scrolling to find the best items in each category and some outfit inspiration as well.


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