6 Simple Spring Outfit Formulas That Are So Easy


There is certainly a time and place for those more high-concept outfits featuring lots of layers and accouterments. On the flip side, pared-down ensembles featuring just a few pieces can also be appealing—especially if you’re looking to keep it easy. We’re going to focus on these outfits today. Yep, below, you’ll find a range of spring outfit ideas that require only two to three pieces (accessories and shoes aside).

Remember, a simple outfit doesn’t correlate to “boring.” You can actually have quite the forward vibe even with just two to three items. And that’s what the ensembles coming your way will showcase. Keep scrolling for a range of inspiration, including outfits with jackets if it’s chillier where you live, along with other options. There are also product recommendations if you’re in the mood to do a little shopping.


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