6 Spring Dress Trends We’re Seeing Everywhere in 2022


Wearing a dress just hits different in the spring. With tights no longer in the equation, it’s time to enjoy the unadulterated bliss of bare legs (or ankles!). Maybe that’s why as soon as it’s anywhere in the ballpark of 70 degrees, it’s the first wardrobe piece I reach for. It seems that sentiment similarly pervades among the fashion set, as this week alone I’ve seen more dresses on my feed than I’d ever have at the top of the year. And just in case you forgot, not all dresses are created equal. 

Specifically, dresses that hark back to the days of CD players and Von Dutch have made surprisingly strong comebacks on the fashion radar. Strapless tube dresses and Y2K-inspired styles are just about everywhere you look these days—whether you’re browsing on big-name retailers Net-a-Porter or cult Indie brands like With Jean. I’m recapping more styles bound to rule this year, so scroll below to check out the dress trends that are destined for stardom this spring.


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