6 Staples That Will Help Make a Great Closet


While style is extremely personal and ever evolving, it’s often intriguing to learn how others define their sartorial choices. One industry insider who is often a go-to resource for fresh inspiration is Taylor Tomasi Hill. As a veteran fashion director, she’s consistently had a pulse on what matters in fashion. Currently, she’s at the helm of The Yes—the AI shopping platform that features a range of high-low brands to shop all in one place. Oh, and The Yes recently launched an exciting new loyalty program—Yes Funds. Basically, you’re automatically enrolled in the program when you create an account with The Yes, and you earn 10% back on every purchase. You can either apply the funds to a future purchase or donate to a rotating charity. 

Given Tomasi Hill’s vast knowledge and unique style, we thought there could be interest in learning about the specific spring pieces she’s currently wearing. The items in question are actually front runners for her because they can help make a great closet—one that’s well-balanced with versatile, forward items. 

Keep scrolling to check out spring pieces to consider, including visual references from Tomasi Hill. There’s also a smattering of shopping recommendations from The Yes.


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