6 Trends From Paris Fashion Week to Copy ASAP


Paris Fashion Week Street Style Fall/Winter 2022



Not to be that stereotypical editor that’s always rambling about French fashion, but the girlies get it. I know it’s so passé to ramble about the magic of visiting Paris or how French style has a grip on the zeitgeist, but I don’t care. I know for a fact that some of the best trends and outfit inspiration come from this fashion capital, and there’s no greater proof of that than Paris Fashion Week. Twice a year, we’re served up not only a bevy of new trends that French women will champion and the fashion set at large but we’re also given ample street style looks. And fall/winter 2022’s collection presentations were no exception. 

Beyond Rihanna showing up to Dior in sheer lingerie slip, we saw some of the best street style looks to come out of Paris in a hot minute. It could be the fact we’ve not been able to travel as much, but we saw the fashion set bring it. They wore everything from feathers and fringe to opera gloves and tinted shades to suits and gowns. And while the clear consensus can be that dressing up is back, if you’re still wondering what the most noteworthy looks to come out of Paris fashion week was, you’ll want to keep reading.

Ahead, I’ve taken it upon myself to scour through hundreds of photos to round up the six trends that dominated the street style scene in Paris this season. These trends were beloved by the attendees and are shaping up to be big for the rest of the year.


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