7 Best Escada Perfumes That Feel Like Springtime Bottled Up


If you want to smell fresh and cheerful—whether it’s April or the dead of winter—you can always opt for a spring-inspired fragrance. These scents evoke sunshine, happiness, and nature. I’m talking notes like florals, citrus, and greenery. And they’ll probably put a smile on your face.

One brand that totally wins in that fragrance department? Escada. I swear every perfume from the brand is a sweet little burst of springtime. Its perfumes have notes of pear, raspberry, jasmine, rose, blackcurrant, and more (all of the most delicious and pleasant scents).

So if you’re looking for a new signature fragrance to spritz on this spring (or any time of year, really), take a look at some Escada scents below.


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