7 Female-Founded Jewelry Brands We’re Obsessing Over


As an avid shopper, I like to shop for basically everything (except swimwear), but I really like to shop for jewelry. The main reason is that it’s something I can wear every day if I so desire, and that could potentially remain in my wardrobe for years to come. Fashion trends can change on a dime, but jewelry trends are far longer-lasting, so I consider it to be the best investment I can make.

We certainly don’t need an excuse to champion women, but given that it’s Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day occurred earlier this week, let’s talk about a few incredible female-founded jewelry brands (of which there are many). The women who started the below brands clearly understand what people desire in a jewelry piece, as their creations are highly coveted. Scroll for all the eye candy and for my top picks from each brand.


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