8 Fashion Editors Spill Their “Toxic Shopping Traits”


Scrolling through TikTok lately, the “toxic trait” trend has had me in hysterics more than a few times. If you’re not familiar with one of the app’s biggest trends then please allow me to fill you in. A group of people gathers for what is essentially a roast session—whether they be friends, family, or in this case, coworkers. Each person names one thing they’ve done or personality trait that labels them as toxic. Most of the time, it’s simply hyperbole to make a joke out of the little flaws we all have. I thought what better to take this trend off my FYP and into the shopping arena, so I gave my coworkers a fun little assignment to share their toxic shopping traits with me. 

I personally am guilty of way more than one toxic shopping traits. No spoilers but a few of mine happen to be wearing sunglasses at night, indoors, and basically everywhere possible, a trench coat in 20-degree weather, and high heels everywhere I go, no matter how long the walk is. I will continue to indulge in these little things that make me happy, as should you. I want to hear your toxic trait so DM me if you’re willing to share, and scroll through our editors to indulge in some guilt-free shopping.


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