9 Cheesy And Delicious Breakfast Recipes You Must Try


For most of us, breakfast has to be good and filling to keep us active all through the day. Anyhow, some people tend to skip it because of the busy morning scenes while some others don’t like to compromise at all when it comes to the first meal of their day. However, the regular breakfast recipes can be boring at some point in time. So, maybe you can bring in some delectable twist with cheese. How did you like the idea? We have curated a list of some amazing breakfast recipes that can be made with cheese. Most of these options are easy to cook and can be made within a jiffy in the morning. Also, these recipes help you relive your undying love for cheese.

Here Are 9 Delicious Breakfast Recipes Made With Cheese:

1) Cheese Omelette

Packed busy mornings call for delicious breakfast options that can be prepared quickly. Well, if that’s what you are looking for, this cheese omelette recipe is your go-to option. Some oil, salt and pepper are all that you need apart from eggs to make this. Don’t forget to sprinkle some cheese while cooking it!

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Omelette is a classic breakfast, and cheese omelette is even more delicious.

2) Chilli Cheese Toast

If you are bored with your regular bread jam or bread butter, here’s something interesting you can try out first thing tomorrow morning when you enter your kitchen. Chilli cheese toast is a perfect combination of spices and cheese making it a delicious affair. You can pair it with your regular ketchup or green chutney.

3) Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sandwiches make for a perfect breakfast choice for many people. A nice grilled cheese sandwich is a quick and tasty way to enjoy sandwiches. You don’t have to make any elaborate preparations for this one instead, just be ready with a handful of spices, bread and cheese. A good breakfast is ready!

4) Vegetable Cheese Chilla

Chilla is basically a desi pancake cooked with a variety of homely ingredients to beat the hunger pangs. A chilla is wholesome, sumptuous and versatile so you can use cheese as well, to further amp up the taste of the dish. Vegetable cheese chilla strikes the right balance between health and taste with the usage of vegetables and cheese on top.

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When it comes to cheela that too with cheese, nobody can resist.

5) Cheese Onion Bhajiya

Sometimes, your heart melts for hot, deep-fried indulgent pakodas with your steaming hot cuppa in the morning, right? If yes, then you can make these truly delectable cheese onions bhajiya (fritters) and treat your tastebuds. To prepare this one, you need gram flour, a bunch of common spices, cheese and of course oil to fry.

6) Chilli Cheese Dhokla

Dhokla is a hit breakfast idea when it comes to Gujarati cuisine. But, ever tried making it with cheese? If you are a cheese lover, this chilli cheese dhokla recipe is surely going to impress you. You just need 15 minutes to prepare this. Follow the same process as you do while preparing dhoklas, just that, remember you’ve got to put green chillis and grated cheese between the layers of the batter while baking this one.

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Dhokla gets an all-new makeover with this chilli cheese dhokla.

7) Cheese Balls

If you can relish cheese at any time, you must start your day with these cheese balls. This is a perfect recipe if you want to make your breakfast as tasty as possible. Cheese balls are hard on the outside, and gooey and cheesy inside. You’ll be able to prepare it in a mere half an hour.

8) Masala Cheese French Toast

This is a great breakfast dish that will leave you drooling with its taste. You can give the classic French toast a fiery twist with this recipe. First, prepare herb paste and sauce paste for this one and apply them to the slices of bread with lots of sauce and cover it with another bread. Dip the sandwich in the egg batter and cook further. Follow the recipe for more details.

9) Cheese Chilli Dosa

We love to relish dosa with flavourful sambar and coconut chutney at any given time of the day. For this recipe, instead of the regular aloo masala, use chilli flakes and cheese as the filling and you are good to go.

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Cheese chilli dosa is one delicious recipe you must try.

If you were looking for enticing cheese recipes for your morning meal, refer to this list for some good ideas.


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