A Look At Malaika Aroras Rajasthani Thali


Malaika Arora has shared a picture of her wholesome meal. It’s a special Rajasthan thali. Hungry, already? We suggest you must wait.  She has savoured the heavenly delight at the heritage Nachana Haveli hotel in Jaisalmer. Malaika has often shared her love for traditional Indian food and so this special thali comes as no surprise. Given the fitness enthusiast she is, Malaika ensured the thali was heavy on healthy vegetables. Besides it had roti, dal, the Rajasthani special gatte ki sabzi, and boondi raita and dahi vada. Basically, a fulsome meal to ring in the weekend.


A known foodie, Malaika Arora often tries local delicacies from around the country. The Bollywood actress likes varan bhaat of Maharashtra, saag and other green leafy vegetables, and also the intensely spicy Goan food. She recently shared an image of a lip-smacking Goan thali that had steamed rice topped with fried prawns, a variety of vegetables, prawn curry and the classic Goan sol kadhi. And now, of course, the special thali from Jaisalmer.

You can cook these dishes at home if Malaika Arora’s post has tickled your taste buds. Here’s how to make some of the dishes in Nachana Haveli’s special thali.

1.Gatte Ki Sabi 

This Rajasthani speciality is made with cooked gram flour dumplings, which are then added to a spicy gravy. The intensity of the spicy curry is balanced with the use of curd. It can be served for lunch or dinner with rotis as well as steamed rice.

2.Rajasthani Dal Banjara 

While Malaika Arora appears to have had a simple dal, you can definitely enjoy a bowl of the stellar Rajasthani Dal Banjara. This recipe includes a mix of urad and chana dal tempered with flavourful spices.

3.Dahi Vada 

A popular street food, it is liked by people of all age groups because of its sweet-tangy taste. It aids digestion and keeps the body cool during the summer months.

4.Boondi Raita 

People have carved individual preferences for raita. Some like it thick and creamy while others prefer a runny consistency. You can also add, or replace boondi with, fruits like pomegranate and pineapple.

5. Mawa Kachori

A perfect dessert to end a meal. This particular item is loaded with nuts and mawa. The recipe is a must-try if you have a sweet tooth


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