Amit Shah – I Don’t Get Angry, My High-Pitched Voice Manufacturing Defect


'I Don't Get Angry, My High-Pitched Voice Manufacturing Defect': Amit Shah

Amit Shah speaks in Lok Sabha during the second part of the Budget Session of Parliament

New Delhi:

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said in Lok Sabha that his high-pitched voice does not reflect anger but is “my manufacturing defect” evoking smiles and laughter from members.

He also said that he does not get angry except on questions related to Kashmir. Moving the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill 2022 for consideration and passage in the House, Amit Shah said that the bill was aimed at making the investigation of crime more efficient and expeditious and increasing the conviction rate.

He sought to allay the apprehension of opposition members about the bill including on the right to privacy.

As opposition benches made some comments, Amit Shah said he will respond to the point made by “Dada”. As a Trinamool Congress member quipped in a lighter vein that the minister responds to Dada in an angry tone, the minister made everyone smile with his reply.

“I never scold anyone. My voice is a little high-pitched. It is my manufacturing defect. I do not get angry, get so on question related to Kashmir,” he said.

Parliament had in August 2019 passed a bill to abrogate Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. During the passage of the bill, there was a heated exchange between Amit Shah and Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. Responding to Chowdhury, Amit Shah had then said “What do you think we are doing. We are ready to sacrifice our life for the country.”

The House later took up discussion the bill that provides for legal sanction for taking appropriate body measurements of persons who are required to give such measurements to “make the investigation of crime more efficient and expeditious”.

The bill seeks to define ”measurements” to include finger impressions, palm-print and foot-print impressions, photographs, iris and retina scan, physical, and biological samples and their analysis.
It seeks to empower the National Crime Records Bureau to collect, store and preserve the record of measurements and for sharing, dissemination, destruction and disposal of records.

The bill also seeks to empower a Magistrate to direct any person to give measurements and empower police or prison officer to take measurements of any person who resists or refuses to give measurements.

The bill was introduced in Lok Sabha by Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Mishra Teni.

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