Anne Hathaway Shares Her Genius Cupcake Hack, Dessert-Lovers Pay Attention


It is said that ‘stressed’ is ‘desserts’ spelled backward. From brownies to cookies, cakes to cupcakes – there are so many drool-worthy treats out there. Cupcakes or muffins have become a hot favourite among sweet tooth lovers. Rather than having a single big cake on special occasions, we are seeing small individual portions of cupcakes emerging as a viable alternative. One issue that we do face with cupcakes is that they are often quite messy to eat. Their frosting on top along with their crumbly texture tends to make cupcakes difficult to consume without getting our hands dirty. Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has recently shared a genius cupcake hack that allows you to eat them without making a mess!

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Anne Hathaway recently made an appearance on the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’, which is a popular celebrity chat show in the US. In one segment of the show, the host Kelly Clarkson asked Anne Hathaway about her genius way to eat cupcakes. The actress revealed that she had shared this trick at a friend’s party during the Omicron wave. “We couldn’t have a cake, so we did cupcakes … I did this thing, and it stopped the party,” she said in the video clip.

The actress went on to demonstrate the entire hack in the video. What she did was, she took the cupcake and split it into two from the middle. Then, she flipped the top half upside down so that the frosting was in the middle and the cake portion on top. This made it seem like a sandwich and you could eat the cupcake neatly without creating a mess. “And then you have a sandwich, and you don’t get frosting up your nose,” agreed Hathaway.

Watch the full video of Anne Hathaway’s cupcake hack here:

Anne Hathaway is not the only celebrity who spoke about food on the Kelly Clarkson show. In February 2022, celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay too had made an appearance on the same show. He revealed the most intimidating person he ever cooked for and his encounter with Lady Diana.

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