Aries Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF May 23 – 2 9, 2022

After seven weeks of spinning its wheels, your ruling planet, hard-driving Mars, returns to your sign on Tuesday, May 24, after a two-year hiatus. From now until July 5, you’ll be ready to take those dreamy visions you had while the red planet was in your fantasy zone (Pisces) and manifest some tangible results. And produce you shall! As your ruler pours rocket fuel into your tanks, you’ll be amazed by how much you’ve completed by the time this cycle ends. One warning: Mars in your sign can ratchet up your competitive spirit, make you impatient—and sometimes almost TOO passionate at times. If you don’t want to shock your subjects, you need to crank the heat up slowly to give fans a chance to warm to your avant-garde ideas. Mars can make you antsy, so when the world feels like it’s moving in slo-mo, burn off some of your nervous energy with lots of physical activity.

Grab the hanky on Saturday, Aries—to dab a few tears, sure, but also to wave au revoir to Venus, planet of love, who is leaving your sign on this day. The past few weeks have been stimulating, for sure. But stabilizing? Not quite so much. Even if you WERE able to focus on one special soul since May 2, you got restless when things felt “too real” instead of playing out like an enviable storybook love affair. But on Saturday, all things “amour” should get back on a more even keel as Venus hunkers down in Taurus and your sensible (but sensual!) second house until June 22. Suddenly, the “boring things” like reading side by side or picking up groceries for a shared meal will give you butterflies. Adopt a slower, more mindful approach to new connections. If a new love match is just getting off the ground, don’t rush towards some goal line. Revel in the deliciousness of the “getting to know you” phase—something you won’t get to experience twice. Attached? Give lots of vocal appreciation for all the things your partner does for you and be sure you’re acknowledging their latest wins. Those “words of affirmation” can make or break your bond while Venus gets vocal in Taurus, the sign that rules the throat.

On Sunday, go-getter Mars and beneficent Jupiter host a rare meetup in Aries—something that hasn’t happened since 2011! If ever there were a moment to pursue a grand vision, this would be it. You can harness this zeal all week, in fact; but Sunday is when the two planets make an exact connection. To hit the mark, you’ll need to take a risk and summon your competitive spirit. Jupiter is the global adventurer and opportunity could come from another part of the world or involve traveling or corresponding with people from another nationality. This could be the week where you see your name on the marquee or get discovered by some seriously influential people. Help the cause by marketing yourself, too. You have planetary permission to brag, promote and share all that you have to offer. A bold move might find you leaping up the ladder into a prominent leadership position. With lusty Mars getting egged on by “say anything” Jupiter, a bold confession may blow open the doors to a new relationship adventure!

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