Athiya Shetty’s Drool-Worthy Vada Pav Indulgence Will Leave You Craving


Athiya Shetty is a passionate foodie who enjoys sampling a wide range of dishes from time to time. On social media, her food trails are something to keep an eye on. So, what’s the update on her gastronomic diary? Athiya, being the foodie that she is, discovered vada pav as a delicious way to beat the mid-week blues. On Instagram, she shared a photo of the popular Mumbai street food. A fresh pav with a deep-fried potato chop was visible. There was also the traditional powder chutney that comes with it, and green chilles that are generally served with vada pav. Athiya added a drooling face emoji to express her feelings.

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Athiya Shetty is enjoying a vada pav. 

Athiya Shetty’s food choices are usually very relatable. A few weeks ago, she conducted an “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram where her fans asked her a lot of questions related to her food choices. The first one was about her favourite cheat meal and she replied to that with an image of McDonald’s. She then revealed her favourite food, which was rajma chawal. The actress dropped a picture of white rice with rajma curry on top of it. When someone asked her about favourite ice cream flavour, she replied with a picture of a scoop of ice cream and added stickers of banana and strawberry. Similarly, Athiya also said that her favourite fruit was mango sprinkled with red chilli powder. Read more about it here.

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Though Athiya Shetty, too, has her indulgences at times, mostly, she prefers working out for a toned body and follows clean eating habits. So, it wasn’t a surprise when we saw Athiya sipping a delectable green juice a few months ago. The actress posted a picture of herself enjoying her indulgent green juice using a straw. She captioned the image, “Stay fresh.” Take a look at it here. Although there’s no one ultimate recipe that’s followed to prepare this juice, people use spinach, cucumber, parsley, mint and other food items to make this.

Athiya Shetty knows how to strike the right balance between indulging in treats and staying true to healthy eating habits.


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