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Why Authoring Tool Providers Should List In A Niche-Specific Directory

A niche-specific directory gives authoring tool providers a risk-free way to promote their product. It only takes a few minutes to register your company and create a listing. Normally, the golden rule of marketing is that you pay a pretty penny or spend countless hours self-promoting, and in some cases, doing both. However, authoring software lists are free and require minimal maintenance, plus you get immediate results thanks to the fact that the directory is already established. But the rewards don’t end there. Here are just a few extra benefits that exclusive listings bring to authoring tool companies.

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Extra Benefits Of Listing In A Niche-Specific Directory For Authoring Tool Providers

1. Zero In On Qualified Leads

One of the most challenging things about online marketing is bringing in qualified leads, in other words, buyers instead of casual site visitors. A niche-specific directory allows you to tap into your target audience right away as people who view your listing are already interested in authoring tools. The built-in filters also narrow the field. For example, they can search by features and deployment type, which takes some of the authoring tool vendors out of the running and makes your software even more relevant.

2. Promote Your Key USPs

Buyers looking for instructional design tools don’t have the time to visit every landing page. However, the directory gathers all your standout features in one location. They can qualify vendors rapidly and choose software that checks all the boxes. Likewise, you get to highlight all your USPs to win them over. Better still, we’ve already compiled the list for you. Simply select the features that apply to your eLearning software so that they show up in your listing.

3. Highlight Practical eLearning Software Perks

There’s a section dedicated to the perks of ownership, so you have the chance to tell buyers how your product stands out, and more importantly how it benefits their L&D strategy. After all, organizations are looking for authoring tools that deliver real-world benefits without going over budget. You can even give them some company background info to start building a rapport right away.

4. Reflect Your Brand Image

You’re able to include your logo, social media links, and brand messaging in the eLearning software listing. All these elements reflect your image and enhance your online presence. Keep in mind that your page is usually the buyer’s first point of contact with your brand. Thus, you’re able to make a great impression and create a cohesive marketing strategy, and they can already start building trust in your brand and all it has to offer.

5. Showcase Your Product In Action

A notable benefit of using niche-specific directories for instructional design tools is being able to include visuals. Most general directories only allow you to post text. However, exclusive listings can include demo videos and screenshots. As such, buyers can see your product in action and evaluate the UI. Another thing to include is some content samples, for instance, simulations or branching scenarios they can create with your eLearning software.

6. Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page

The ultimate goal is to encourage directory visitors to click through to your landing page. That way, they can dive into more practical perks and pricing options, or read about customer success stories that make them even more interested in your product. Fortunately, you’re able to include a link to your website in the listing. If you opt for a listing with PPC, you can even add a CTA button to improve conversion rates.

7. Outline Your Pricing Options

Buyers are looking for authoring tools that deliver all the must-have features, but the most important question is whether they can afford your eLearning software. A directory listing lets you highlight all the pricing options so that customers know what to expect. No unwanted surprises when they visit your landing page. For example, you’re able to mention free trials or demos, as well as starting price and licensing fees. You can even include a more detailed cost overview, for instance, explain your subscription model or annual discounts.

8. Rank Higher In Search Results

It usually takes a while for content marketing to pay off even if you post consistently and choose the right keywords. On the other hand, niche directories have already proven their relevancy. Search engines know that they’re a credible source and rank them higher. Your listing is automatically associated with the directory, therefore your landing page gets a head start when it comes to SEO. Another benefit is that you get traffic even before your listing is indexed. Buyers visit the directory to look for a new authoring tool and your page shows up. In short, there’s no wait time. You attract qualified leads as soon as your eLearning authoring tool listing is approved.


Many marketing techniques are a gamble. You try to find keywords that aren’t too competitive, but still popular enough to draw in a crowd. Then you need to craft value-added content that subtly promotes your product. On the other hand, a niche-specific directory for authoring tool providers targets your niche audience. Thus, you know that all the market research and customization is going to pay off. Best of all, you have the opportunity to maximize results with a PPC listing, which drives even more traffic to your landing page and improves conversions.

Our exclusive authoring tool directory has all the top software on the market. So, why not add your product for free to promote all your key selling points. Simply register your company, then personalize your listing to maximize your online reach.

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