Best Beauty and Fitness Staples for Half-Marathon Training


Fast-forward to now. I’ve already registered to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon—and not even against my will. I picked up running during New York City’s lockdown since my hot yoga studio was closed and my apartment was barely big enough to walk in, no less try to work out in.

At first, I ran begrudgingly as a way to move my body and say I exercised. As I continued running more regularly, however, I found that I really loved it (and no one is forcing me to say that!). I learned that running doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it can be empowering, emotional, and therapeutic. 

On my journey to running the Brooklyn Half, I’ve tested out many, many products to find what works best for me. After testing four different running shoes, a myriad of SPFs, and tons of fitness gear, I can confidently say that I have vetted every single one of these products and would recommend them to anyone. Keep reading for the staples that are getting me to the finish line. 


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