Bhagwant Mann Oath: Bhagwant Mann’s First Speech As Punjab Chief Minister: 10 Points


10 Points From Bhagwant Mann's First Speech As Punjab Chief Minister

Bhagwant Mann took the oath as Punjab Chief Minister today.

Bhagwant Mann, who took oath as Punjab Chief Minister today, promised to turnaround the state like Delhi. Mann also thanked Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal.

Here are the 10 big points from his speech:

  1. “I thank everyone present here in Bhagat Singh’s paternal home in the oath ceremony.”

  2. “To my left is the Cabinet of Delhi and to my right are those 91 who have been elected. Let’s give them a huge round of applause.”

  3. “There is a special reason to be here. Earlier, oath ceremonies used to happen in cricket stadiums and Raj Bhawan. I have a special place for Bhagat Singh in my heart.”

  4. “We are here for you. We will work on unemployment, agriculture. I am the Chief Minister of everyone in Punjab, even those who did not vote for our party (Aam Aadmi Party).”

  5. “Bhagat Singh said ‘It is everyone’s right to love’. Love your motherland, love the soil that gave birth to you.”

  6. “You see how people from different countries visit Delhi to see the Mohalla Clinics and government schools. We’ll also turnaround Punjab like that.”

  7. “A golden chapter has started in history and it will be taught in schools. We seek blessings from the martyrs, freedom fighters and elders, and thank you (the people of Punjab) for this support.”

  8. “I also thank Arvind Kejriwal who founded this party and brought it to Punjab.”

  9. “It was a much-awaited dream to visit and pay homage to Bhagat Singh’s village and work for Punjab and its people. The true rulers are those who rule the hearts of the people.”

  10. “We will start slowly. I appeal to all of you to not start a fight on on social media – or use bad words. People should feel that a mature government is in power.”


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