Biryani: Kunal Kapur Shared Useful Tips And Tricks To Prepare The Rice Dish


The word Biryani is enough to send us drooling. Do you agree? The aromatic rice dish with its distinct flavours and taste never fails to tantalise our tastebuds. One such special and classic version is dum biryani. According to the popular dum method, a spicy mixture of vegetables or a non-vegetarian food item is placed along with rice in a cooking pot. It is completely sealed from all sides using dough without letting the steam go out. This process ensures that the rich flavours of biryani remain intact. So, if you are planning to make biryani at home, do check out the latest “Kunal’s tips and tricks” video on Instagram.

Chef Kunal Kapur captioned it as, “Making biryani seems like a tough job, right? Follow my tips and tricks; they will help you while making any biryani.”

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According to chef Kunal, here are a few tips and tricks you must follow while making biryani:

1) Whenever you make biryani or jackfruit biryani, know that you can replace kathal with some other vegetables as well. Only the vegetable will change, nothing else. The process of dum biryani will remain the same.

2) When you follow the much-needed dum process while preparing a biryani, make sure you do it on an extremely low flame. If you want, you can place a tawa beneath your biryani handi to ensure the rice dish doesn’t get burnt.

3) Do not do anything much to the biryani while you are following the dum method.

4) And, finally, when you are done with the whole preparation, do not remove the lid of your handi immediately. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes or let it rest for some time.

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5) Sometimes, when you remove the lid quickly, you’ll notice the rice has remained raw because of the less water. In such circumstances, take some lukewarm water and sprinkle it on the biryani. Take a new chapati dough and use it around the lid to seal it properly and follow the dum process again for another 5-10 minutes.

Take a look:

Do keep in mind these tips and tricks by chef Kunal Kapur when you biryani at your place next.


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