Bizarre Mithai Momo Surfaces Online, Twitter Calls It Food Murder


Fusion food seems to be the latest trend online. From Iced Gol Gappa to Butter Chicken Tacos, there have been plenty of innovations by street food vendors. These bizarre dishes often take us by surprise; they are not your usual recipes, and often come with a unique twist to the originals. One such twist to the delicious Tibetan momos has left internet users aghast. A Twitter user shared a video of a bizarre ‘Mithai Momo’. The dish was a fusion between the delicious dumplings and desi Indian mithai. A bevvy of Indian sweets was used in the making of this eccentric dish. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video was shared on Twitter by Mukesh V Makhija, and was originally from an Instagram blogger called Freakin Foodies. The clip has received over 52.2k views and hundreds of comments and likes. The entire process of making the Mithai momo has been demonstrated in the video. First, a flat sheet was rolled out of the momo dough. A number of Indian sweets were then added to the Mithai momo, including two pieces of Gulab Jamun, two motichoor laddoos, two pieces of Kalakand and a bowl full of Gajar ka Halwa. The Mithai momo was then wrapped up, steamed and served with chocolate sauce.

A number of Twitter users reacted to the video of the bizarre Mithai Momo. People remained divided about the fusion dish. Some compared it with the popular Indian sweets, Modak and Gujiya, which too have fillings inside them. Others wanted to un-see this video and questioned why such a dish was created in the first place. A few also wrote that the preparation seemed to be too sweet and jokingly wrote that it could even give someone Diabetes.

Take a look at the reactions to the video of Mithai momo:

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