Breaking Down Love Island USA Star Kat Gibson’s Mukbang Videos


This Islander has one delicious job. 

Love Island USA‘s new arrival Katherine “Kat” Gibson had her date Isaiah Campbell stumped when she revealed what it is exactly that she does for a living (you know, besides look for love on a reality TV show).

“I don’t know if you know what a Mukbang is?” she asked during their one-on-one dinner, as seen in the Aug. 3 episode now streaming on Peacock.

When Isaiah said no, she explained how she eats large amounts of food on camera. Specifically, the Love Island USA app describes Katherine’s role as a Mukbanger as eating for an audience as part of a social media trend popularized in South Korea.

“OK, well, you eat healthy, and I eat like copious amounts of unhealthy food,” she said. “Like, very large table-worths, and then I film it.”

Kat went on to describe the wide appeal, noting, “It’s essentially for people who eat alone, so they feel like a comfort of watching the video, and they feel like they’re eating with someone.” 


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