Burger King, US, Sued For Wrongly Advertising Its Burgers; See How The Internet Is Reacting


Whopper is one of the most popular items on the menu of Burger King, worldwide. The name itself suggests the burger to be large and hefty. However, reality may be different. Some people in Florida, US, took note of the mismatch in the images put up in advertisement and the actual size of the Whopper. Soon, many food reviewers on YouTube and Twitter expressed similar opinion and all this led to a class-action suit being filed against the burger giant. The lawsuit stated that the Whopper, along with other products like Croisann’Wich and Double Sausage sandwich, are about 35 per cent smaller than what is shown in the images. 

The federal lawsuit was filed by Florida attorneys Anthony Russo and James C. Kelly representing plaintiffs’ complaint against Burger King Corporation in a Florida federal court, alleging deceptive trade practices. Anthony Russo also put up a post on Twitter declaring it and wrote, “Burger King Tempts People to Buy Overpriced Products, Lawsuit Alleges.” 

Here’s the Twitter post: 

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The class action alleges that Burger King began to misrepresent the size of its burgers in its advertisements in September 2017. The lawsuit further states that “Burger King advertises its burgers as larger burgers compared to competitors that contain oversized meat patties and ingredients that “overflow over the bun” to make it appear that the burgers are approximately 35% larger in size and contain more than double the meat than the actual burger.” 

The Twitter post attracted divided opinions on the lawsuit. While some agreed that the burgers were actually smaller than what they looked like in the advertisements, some said they were big enough, and some even praised the taste of the burgers, which made them ignore the size. 

Take a look: 

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Have you tried Burger King’s famous Whopper or other burgers? What do you think of their size?


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