Cancer Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF May 23 – 2 9, 2022

No more flying under the radar, Cancer. Starting Tuesday, May 24, driven Mars jets into Aries, firing up your tenth house of public success until July 5. The red planet hasn’t visited this part of your chart in two years, and you’ll want to make the most of this layover! Now’s the time to create a niche for yourself, but if you’ve been stalled or stymied, the motivational planet can help you bust through a plateau. This won’t happen by wishing on a star, however. Mars rewards action, drive and determination. You don’t have to dive into the shark tank, but you may have to go a few rounds in the ring with a competitor. You’ve got it in you—and tapping into that powerful energy is exactly what will catapult you to your next level. Maintain your commitment to excellence and slog that extra mile to ensure that anything you’re a part of is of a quality you can stand behind. A word of warning: Martian energy can be fierce and could stir up some “my way or the highway” intensity. Watch out for that. As long as you stay true to your deepest values, you’ll never veer (far) off-track.

Your social butterfly wings are about to get a workout starting Saturday, when enchanting Venus beams into Taurus and your outgoing eleventh house until June 22. Whether you’ve been looking for a book or wine club to join or a sporty activity to participate in, no one will have to pry you out of your shell. The fun will find you, Cancer, and for a change, the more will be the merrier. Since Venus rules all things romantic, you could meet your match while out mingling casually, or friends may wind up “innocently” playing Cupid for you. The eleventh house also rules technology, so if you’re single (and looking), give a new dating app a swipe. Coupled Crabs should come out of hibernation and circulate as a pair. With Venus in cultural-activities-loving Taurus, you can spend the next few weeks hopping from oyster bars to art openings to live shows at area venues. Or get a weekend getaway with friends on the books. How about renting a house with water views, or better yet, a houseboat?


Try to squeeze all your socializing into the early part of the week because on Sunday, when jovial Jupiter syncs up with go-getter Mars in your ambitious tenth house, you’ll feel like you can move mountains—and you probably can. This might be one of the brightest days of 2022 for working through a business idea or getting all your materials in order to apply for a promotion. Just make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to manifest. The point of this exercise isn’t just to gain more power but rather to reap the rewards of your hard work. If you’ve been underestimating your worth, now’s the time to lay out new demands, like a proper salary or better benefits. Present your requests as win-wins. You know what the perks will be for you, but what’s in it for THEM, Cancer? Value what you bring to the table and spell it out for other people. They’ll quickly realize what an asset you are. If you’re green around the gills, offer yourself up as the apprentice. A noteworthy baller could take you under their wing. Even if you’re answering emails and making coffee runs, just observing the game will be priceless insider’s training!

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