Car Catches Fire, Driver Escapes From Window


The man had bought the car just 10 days ago. Now, it is all charred.

New Delhi:

A man and his friend had to jump out of a burning Mercedes CLA after it crashed close to the F1 racing track in Greater Noida near Delhi. The occupants say they are safe.

Soon after the accident, the men informed the police. The fire engines were able to control the blaze.

The car belonged to Delhi resident Nikhil Chaudhary, who was in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Most Sundays, cars and motorcycles arrive at the Buddh International Circuit, India’s only Formula 1 race track, for track days.

As an animal came in front, the car lost control and rammed the divider, said Mr Chaudhary.

“Soon the car caught fire, and we had to escape from one of the windows,” said Mr Chaudhary.


Fire engines controlled the blaze

The cops said they got to know about the incident but no written complaint has been made.

Mr Chaudhary says he had bought the car for a crore just 10 days ago. Now, it is all charred.


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