Cheer’s Jerry Harris Apologizes to Sex Abuse Victims


Addressing the judge directly, Harris said he hopes the court can “see me for the human being that I am and not just someone who committed terrible crimes.”

He said people have “unfairly judged for most of my life” but acknowledged that, in this situation, “their anger and judgement are deserved.”

“These past 22 months have been a time of reflection and self-discovery for me,” he continued, referring to his time behind bars since his September 2020 arrest. “Much of it has been incredibly painful. My journey is not done though. I have a lot left to give and atone for. My only request is that you try and see me for the person I am and not just someone who selfishly harmed others.”

Harris’ lawyers added in a statement to E! News that they are grateful that the judge recognized his “humanity, worthiness [and] rehabilitative potential.” Following his 12 years in prison, Harris will face eight years of court-supervised release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office told E! News.  



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