Chef Ranveer Brar Wants Coriander To Be The National Herb; Internet Agrees


What is that one herb that is added to almost all our dishes? We are sure many of you will think of coriander. And the same sentiment is echoed by many other Indians, including chef Ranveer Brar. While we always knew in our heart that coriander is an essential in our kitchen, and added a handful of fresh coriander leaves to all our sabzis and parathas every day, chef Ranveer Brar got vocal about his feelings. He, in fact, went an extra mile and started a petition (of sorts) online to give the epithet of ‘national herb’ to coriander. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have made coriander the star of every dish, either by infusing its minty flavour in the food or by decorating the food with the bright green herb. Coriander is undisputedly the most-used herb in Indian kitchens. So, when we saw Ranveer Brar’s post of a picture of him holding a placard reading ‘Petition to make dhaniya the national herb’, we could only agree in a nod. 

Here’s the post:

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The picture also shows response from some people who readily agreed to join the motion and asked “where should we sign?” The post already has more than 18k likes and several comments in agreement.

One comment read, “I even bought a Satya Paul saree with Dhaniya print on it. Love this herb so much. Adds that final touch and fragrance to any dish. In South we call it Kothamalli.” Other comments read, “Dhaniya patta all Time fav” and “Yes i love coriander leaves”.

What do you think of the petition? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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