Danielle Fishel Says Boy Meets World Creator Almost Fired Her


Danielle shared that afterwards, Michael went over his notes with the actress and her mom, before ending their conversation with a warning. She recalled, “What I know specifically was said is, ‘All I know is, if you don’t come back tomorrow doing this entirely differently, you are also not going to be here,’ referencing the girl I had replaced.”

Danielle ultimately returned to set the next day and received praise for turning things around. “There were no more threats of being fired, I had done the work and I had shown him that I was worthy,” she said. “It totally sets up that you go after that every week. You’re chasing the dragon of Michael approval.”

Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews, noted that this was par for the course with Michael, saying, “He set it up in such a way that when he gives you the standing ovation, it’s like the sun is shining on you. It had nothing to do with your acting. It was just, make Michael feel good.'”


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