Deepika Padukone Is Gushing Over This Food Item; See The Picture


Deepika Padukone needs no introduction. We all love her. Be it her movies or fun videos on Instagram, Deepika does it all in style. And, one such interesting aspect of her personality is that she is a hardcore foodie. The actress likes to savour a variety of dishes and even talk about them openly. Do you want to know what did she enjoy recently? On Instagram, Deepika shared a picture of a scrumptious chocolate cake accompanied by two scoops of ice cream. Considering the summer, this should be the best idea to indulge in. Don’t you think? For the caption, she wrote, “Basic” and added a drooling face emoji. She also included the two hashtags “chocolate cake” and “ice cream”.   

Take a look:

Well, Deepika Padukone also loves to talk about food whenever she gets time. And, mind it, she doesn’t need a special occasion for this. On one fine day, she decided to conduct an “Ask Me Anything” session with the prompt “If I was a…”. And, fans just couldn’t keep calm. It seems food was one of the most-discussed topics. A fan wanted to know about a particular food item that Deepika would compare herself to and relates to the most. So, the question asked was, “If I was a drink?” To this, the actress replied “Hot chocolate.” She also dropped a video of herself enjoying the tempting brew. Another fan asked her if she had to compare herself with an ingredient what it would be, and she said, “chilli.”   

Deepika Padukone has admitted her love for all things delicious many times before. And it’s delightful to know that her foodie indulgences are too relatable to miss at times. About a couple of weeks ago, the actress shared a picture of lip-smacking pizza and we couldn’t help but drool. The yummy delight was loaded with cheese and had delectable tomato slices on top of it. Of course, there were other respective ingredients sprinkled on top. She wrote, “Drools,” and we simply couldn’t agree more.  

For those who don’t know, Deepika Padukone is a great cook. And, her husband, actor Ranveer Singh has always appreciated her culinary skills. During a question, answer round on Instagram, he revealed some details about her culinary skills. When someone asked Ranveer if he likes the food Deepika cooks. He replied, “Love it. She’s an amazing cook! My multitalented baby.” The actress reposted his response on Instagram Stories and asked, “Trying to earn brownie points for?”


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